Shift Happens

Fun fact: When I was a young ‘un, I wanted to be cardiac surgeon.

It started at a medical career summer camp (which tells you how cool I was). There was this video the counselor was showing us on an open heart surgery. Lots of kids had to leave the room or close their eyes, but I was fascinated.

“So this is a story of how you were the world’s weirdest kid?” Almost. Not quite.

I’d been scoping out medical schools on the weekends. Reading the brochures and anything about cardiology. And then I did the math. Which isn’t my favorite subject, but I was okayish at it.

I’d be around 36 when I was finally a full blown doctor. No thanks. So I tried Exercise Science, because helping people move more seemed cool. But then I failed chemistry.

It took several potential career explorations and an economic recession for me to plunge into writing. And I’m not going to say that it’s always easy. But my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Because I believed that wasn’t a viable career. And spent too much time trying to grab the traditional jobs for college grads. No dice. And once I started writing, something clicked. I got published. I began earning a consistent income.

With a career that when you tell someone at your doctor’s office that’s what you do, their response is “Do you actually get paidddd?” (BTW, if someone asks you this, resist the urge to say your clients pay you in pine cones, or something ridiculous like that. Take a deep breath and go back to your eMagazine).

Most importantly, I got to work with wonderful clients doing work I care about.

“I should finally stop putting it off and just write?”

Exactly, buckaroo. Don’t make the mistake I did and wait almost 2 years to get over your jitters. And guess what’s going to happen once you start your writing career?

That’s right. Shift. You’ll start out in one niche like, say, copywriting, and maybe discover you hate it. Passionately. That’s okay. You may talk with other writers or do some reflection and discover that for you, curriculum writing is where it’s at.

Or you start out offering a service and learn that you don’t want to touch social media management with a 10 foot pole. That’s also fine.

Shifting from one niche or service to another is perfectly normal. And you will do it. Probably more than once. Because as your write more, so your career will grow. And change is an inevitable part of that.

Speaking of shift, I’m currently shifting sites. The new one is already live at And transferring these posts there as well. Feel free to subscribe for the latest. I believe in only sharing what might be helpful to you, so if that’s no longer the case, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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