Resolve to Do this for Your Writing Career

We all hoped that at the stroke of midnight the weirdness of 2020 would be over.

But, guess what? It got weirder. And it’s not even been a week. 2021 is starting off on the foot of being 2020 2.0.

The good thing is we still have some of the normal stuff. Because it wouldn’t be January without New Year’s resolutions.

People that want to start things. Give up things. Go vegan. All noble goals.

I gave up coffee.

It’s not so much I wanted to give it up. My body decided for me. I don’t know why, but suddenly my body and coffee aren’t on speaking terms.

So now I have tea (yum!). And despite the debate about them, I still have New Year’s Resolutions. Most of them are regarding my writing business. And I want the same for you, too.

Look at you! You’ve been dreaming of it for so long. Freelancing. Writing about cats, climate change or what have you. All from the comfort of your home, a co-working space, or maybe Barbados.

You want to do it. But something is holding you back.

 I’d hazard a guess it’s something along the lines of “how the f- do I get started?”

Try this- a small resolution.

I started off the blog with “let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions” you would’ve said “let’s not.” But I’m serious. Let’s talk about modified resolutions. Teeny tiny ones.

I started my writing business by making small goals. I guess you could call them resolutions. By taking baby steps.

And I think that’s the best way to do it. Because it seems less scary.  So, I want you to make some resolutions about your writing business. Right now.

You could resolve to write affirmations when the self-doubt creeps in. Resolve to finally take a deep breath and submit 5 cold pitches.

 Resolve to take a course if you so wish. To finally upload pieces to your online portfolio.

Create a writer’s resume. Submit your first guest post. Do a writing exercise every day. Create a Facebook business profile.

Sign up for emails from sites like Pro-Blogger or Freelance Writing Jobs. Resolve to get rejected. And move forward. Volunteer for a project to build up your portfolio. Resolve to get out of your own way and just go for it.

Resolve to do some of these little things. They’re smaller than “Start a writing business.” Which makes them more manageable as you start towards your goal to start a writing business.

One step at a time.

Pick something and resolve to finally go after the chance to do what you love. Because you’re worth it.

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