Why You Need Other Writers

Here’s a quick tip: other writers aren’t your competition.

Wait. What?

You read that right. A while back, I came across a blog that started out seeming to offer advice to other writers. But it quickly turned into something to the effect of: “I’m not willing to help you or talk about my story because you’re competition.”

When it comes to content, I think it’s important to create something that’s educational, entertaining, or useful in some way (or, ideally, all three). This just was….I’m not sure why it was written (for content strategy, your content should have a purpose!).

I felt for that writer. They seemed…. insecure? Stressed? At the very least, not in a good headspace.

So, I felt today it’s important to clarify, other writers aren’t your enemy. In fact, you need them.

I’d never have made my first 1K without other writers.

When you’re new in the game, you need guidance. Whether it’s from taking courses, reading blogs, or talking with other writers directly.

That’s not say your own grit and resilience has no role, it does. But you need to hear the stories of people who’ve been there. What they’ve learned works. And what doesn’t.

When I started out, I had a lot of questions. And sometimes, I still do. I signed up for a course, joined Facebook groups and…asked away. I think most of my messages started out with who, what, or why.

Many writers were so welcoming and supportive. One even referred me to someone else, which led to my first paid gig (thank you, Jennifer!)! Other writers gave me advice on what to do when a client won’t pay, how to pitch, or how to figure out rates.

Writing is a tight-knit community. You may end up guest posting on someone’s website, asking them for a referral, or you may just reach out when you have a difficult client and need to hear from someone who’s been there.

Don’t be afraid of other writers. Don’t shy away from swapping learning experiences, offering advice, or even sharing their work. I’ve shared work from other writers on my social media, especially when I think it’ll help you.

And definitely don’t feel threatened. Every writer has their own unique style, niche, and specializations. No one can write exactly like you.

As it is, we’re all pretty isolated these days. Don’t put yourself further out to sea by walling off other writers.

We’re all in this together. Striking out on a new career path or freelancing is hard. And it’s much harder if you’re trying go it alone. Be kind.

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